How to Purchase

You can order online, you can mail me a check, or you can order by fax. (I'm trying to make it as easy as possible for you to send me your money!) To purchase online, simply click on the "add to cart" buttons near the items you'd like to buy. Once the shopping cart window opens, you'll be able to adjust the quantities (enter the quantity, then press the little ">" button). When you're satisfied with your order, click the "checkout" button and you'll go to a page where you can review your order and enter you billing and shipping addresses. You can choose one of three payment gateways:, PayPal, or Google Checkout. Once your payment is processed, I'll get an e-mail notifying me of your order, at which point I'll pack up your pocket protectors and send them via US Postal Service (default method is First Class Mail unless you choose Priority or Express, see below). I'll send you a confirming e-mail when I send them out.

If you're still not comfortable putting your credit card number out there on the net, you can send me your order by mail. You can order via personal check, money order, or credit card. Click here to go to a printable form to order by mail.

You can also fax your order with credit card information to 256-638-8490. Please fill out the printable order form to order by fax


The default shipment method is US Postal Service First Class Mail unless the weight or bulk of the package justifies Priority Mail service. You can select Priority Mail or Express Mail if you need expedited service. Postage charges vary as a function of weight. The floor charge for a single pocket protector is $1.70 (postage & handling). Usually ordering more than two pocket protectors will kick it up to the second ounce, which makes the shipping charge go to $1.92. I only charge the postage premium that USPS charges me for additional ounces.

Please note that this is not my full time job and the order volume does not justify daily shipments, but I do ship two to four times a week. We'll do our very best to accommodate rush requests, but please keep in mind that this is a one-man side business, so if I'm out of town on business or vacation, there will be a delay. My wife helps me ship product and we'll do our very best to accommodate rush orders. If we are not able to ship out a rush order, we will refund the premium postage to you (for example, if you order Express Mail and we're out of town, once we get back and discover the problem, we'll contact you to see if you want a full refund or if you'd like us to ship normally and refund the difference).


The updated site now allows me to offer discounts on volume purchases of the pocket protectors. I was never able to do that with my old PayPal-only site, but now I can. The more protectors you order, the bigger the discount. Here's the discount schedule:

Quantity Discount
>10 10%
>25 20%
>100 35%





You can mix-and-match styles to get your discount; it's calculated on the total order when you check out. Discounts are only available on the pocket protectors, not the gift items like the Geek Pack.

-Kurt Lammon, founder (est. June 1999)